The Killer Show (1st in the Ventriloquist, Simone Biaz Mysteries) (English Edition)

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The Killer Show (short)
A murder disrupts a ventriloquist's stage show; the performer, the amateur detective, receives chilling threats, and a secretive street kid may know more than she admits. (26)

The Killer Show (long)
The amateur detective in The Killer Show, Simone Biaz, is a ventriloquist. At thirty, she fights claustrophobia and her father's influence while she throws her voice to make things talk, confuse criminals, and solve a murder in the fictitious town of Nutmeg Falls, CT. Chilling events threaten her life after a murder takes place in an old theater during her stage show. And in the twists of events, she forms a bond with a homeless drug-addicted teen. But how far will Simone go to face her greatest fear to save the teen? And what does the teen know about the murder? (100)